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To purchase and acquire antique and historical firefighting equipment to be stored in and displayed in the Town of Fort Erie and to promote the aims of fire prevention and education of the public for fire prevention.


There are presently 19 members of the association, 6 are charter members. The members are dedicated to the preservation of firefighting for future generations.

Various parades are attended through out the year and many awards have been won. The association meets once a month. Trucks can be seen on display in July and August on the weekends.

Funding is provided through Fort Erie Bingo and public donations.




Al Jones
Peter Geo. Perham
June 5, 1937 - Nov. 20, 2014.
Bob Norman
Feb. 1, 1938 - Dec. 2, 2006.
Truck/Building Committees
Arthur Hurren
Aug. 5, 1920 - Oct. 4, 2006.
Don Belfry
June 21, 1925 - May 9, 2006.
Truck committee

Larry Kline
April 5, 1932 - December 8, 2004.
truck committee

Chester Wells
June 21, 1942 - August 24, 2003.
Charter member/truck committee

Leo Cotton
December 16, 1942 - November 4, 1999.
Charter member/

Cecil Butler
February 15, 1953 - January 23 1999.
Charter member


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